Competition will take place during the Saturday night party.

SweetJazz King of the Hill competition

This is a solo dancing competition, open to everyone who is attending Saturday night party. Competitors register as individuals at the registration desk during the event, the latest until 21:30 on Saturday evening. Preliminaries will be a TAP IN format, the finals will be right after – so don’t go anywhere after being tapped in.

The format of the competition:
judges will TAP IN 5 finalists. Each of the finalists draws a number which represents the order of the competition. The one with number 1 starts as a King. The other players line up in the order on the other side of a dance floor. One challenger steps up and dances against the King. The challenger goes first, the King answers. If the challenger wins, the King needs to go on the other side and the challenger becomes the new King. If the King wins, the challenger returns in the line and the next dancer in order dances against the King. Whoever defeats all the challengers first, wins.

The prize for the King of the Hill competition is a FULL WEEK PASS of solo jazz classes at Herräng Dance Camp 2019.

Entry Fee for the competition: free of charge.